Waste Water Coatings

We provide services for wastewater facilities from mixers, to degasify tanks, to treatment tanks, containments and piping. Whether it’s a new facility or one that needs repaint we have the solution to the problem.


Polyurea is the pillar of most coating and lining products that provide resistance against corrosion and abrasion. It is normally used in corrosion prevention due to its remarkably fast setting time period, resistance to atmospheric or surrounding attack, high elongation and durability.


Surrounding the containment with one or more primary storage containers of hazardous liquids in order to prevent pollution of soil and water.


A mixer is just a component of the waste water tank, like a blender so it’s covered under waste water coatings.


Fusion bonded epoxy coating, also known as fusion-bond epoxy powder coating and commonly referred to as FBE coating, is an epoxy-based powder coating that is widely used to protect steel pipe used in pipeline construction, concrete reinforcing bars (rebar) and on a wide variety of piping connections, valves etc.


Vinyl esters are a cross between polyester resins and epoxy resins.

Vinyl ester coatings provide the ultimate in chemical and solvent-resistance. These coatings are resistant to a broad range of chemicals, including acids and alkalis. It is primarily used for tanks and vessels.