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Leadership Development

JB Safety offers the following team building services: Leadership Development

Topics covered are:

  • Executive coaching,
  • Leadership skills,
  • Recognizing change issues,
  • Creating an environment for success,
  • Innovation and creativity,
  • Intervention techniques,
  • Risk management,
  • Identifying and building effective teams,
  • Tapping employees’ hidden knowledge and resources,
  • Effective feedback techniques,
  • Coaching skills, communication skills,
  • Listening skills,
  • Personality profiles, and
  • Conflict management.


We also offer these Leadership Development programs specifically designed to address the unique situations women face in this heavily male dominated industry. Executive coaching, leadership skills, recognizing change issues, creating an environment for success, innovation and creativity, intervention techniques, risk management, identifying and building effective teams, tapping employees’ hidden knowledge and resources, effective feedback techniques, coaching skills, communication skills, listening skills, personality profiles, and conflict management.

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