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Experiential Learning Trumps Traditional Training

Senior trainer and best selling author Bob Pike, confirms that “the purpose of any training is to get results. It is also less about what happens during the class and more about what happens back on the job that counts.” We would wholeheartedly agree with the latter but challenge the former, regarding what happens in class.

All learning programs are composed of experiences, and influenced by the life/work experiences of the participants. Experiences however must be tapped and openly contributed to the learning process.

In our Experiences Based Learning (EBL) model, tapping into this treasury of knowledge and skill is of paramount importance. By design, our “structured activities” become fuller when less mediated by lecture and is more focused on the senses. It is a fact that immerse activities are powerful catalyzing ingredients of behavioral change. The basis of our experiential programs can be cited in Edgar Dale’s “Cone of Learning” (1969) model. His research has shown that to maximize retention (90%) and change attitudes and behaviors, participants must engage in real life related activities.

A JBS custom designed program will begin by focusing on and clarifying the objectives of the session. The concept of “structured activities”, and problem solving models will be introduced.

A sequence of activities will be set up, all requiring group problem solving, decision making, and follow-through to completion. Each activity is followed immediately by facilitator led debriefing, a discussion of what individuals and the team did that worked well and how this relates back to the workplace safety issues. Participant will explore that they need to do to improve personal abilities.

Throughout these activities, participants capture the image and emotions of having successfully met challenges together. They, with the facilitator, will summarize and discuss their insights. These brief discussion will be designed to assist participants to translate and incorporate their experiential learning from the “metaphors” in structure activities into personal action plans for sure at their workplace.

These events codify and lay the foundation for increased trust-bonding-openness and support among team members. They will also have created a take home working “model” for future real world problem solving. This is where (by design) that management MUST reinforce, monitor, empower or expect workers to demonstrate their working model and individual competencies on a regular basis. Lou Holtz, renowned boach and speaker summarized it best, “ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”

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